Being named after the 90’s hit series Dawson's Creek is where it all began for singer songwriter Dawson Gamble. As he hopes to follow in the show's success through his music career, he continues to write and produce new music for all types of listening experiences. 


When his discovered passion for all genres of music struck, he knew he had to immerse himself in the artform as it was calling to him. Each new sound and song he discovered was like finding Gold, and a stepping stone to creation. Artists like Eric Clapton, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran sculpted his writing style into something unique, a blend of zesty flowing melodies and intricate lyrical phrases that blur lines between genres and attempt to change the ideology of the term “genre” itself.


His artistry has given him incredibile opportunities to be in the same room as renowned songwriters and Artists such as; Geoff Warburton, Tyler Shaw, and Victoria Duffield. And his innate musicality landed him on Boots & Hearts MainStage playing banjo for country artist Justin Tyler, and on multiple Live News and Radio Stations across Ontario with his late band, The Chase... Which generated over 2 Million Streams on Spotify. Dawson is constantly working on new martial, his upcoming 4th and 5th single set to release in early 2021 but shhh don't tell anyone!


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A mixture of the Northern Lights and Audio Waveforms, Dawson's logo is a reposition of his free spirit and love for music.  




Dawson Gamble



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