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Dawson is a Singer/Songwriter, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada. His passion for music sparked early as he picked up his dad's 79’ Fender Strat and wrote songs in his garage with his high-school friends.


He took influence from legendary guitar players like John Mayer, Derek trucks and SRV. His inspiration of musicality and lyricism was vast, from classic rock, blues and jazz to Hip-Hop, RnB, Indie and Funk Music. Dawson found themes and ideas he loved about these genres and incorporated them all into his own unique sound. With rich vocals, saturated guitar tones and soaring solo’s, his distinguishable voice sits atop his songs spreading his hope-filled message, aided by his immense vocal range.


Dawson is approaching the release of his debut album titled "Hopeful Youth” which he is excited to share with the world and play live for his fans in Toronto and other cities of Canada. “Hopeful Youth” and the music that will succeed it in 2024 is nothing short of what Dawson thinks of as his best work yet. 


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A mixture of the Northern Lights and Audio Waveforms, Dawson's logo is a reposition of his free spirit and love for music.  




Dawson Gamble


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