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Dawson Gamble

Dawson Gamble is a dynamic Indie Pop Rock band hailing from Toronto, Canada. Formed in 2020, our music seamlessly blends heavy guitar tones, soaring vocals and well crafted melody to create a unique sonic experience. Known for our infectious choruses in songs like “Dance With Me Darlin” we take pride in delivering an energetic and memorable performance every time we hit the stage. With a reputation for captivating live performances, we've played sold out shows at venues such as Horseshoe Tavern (opening for Gavin Mcleod), Rivoli (opening for New Friends), The Piston (headline), The Garrison and Supermarket to name a few. We just released our debut album “Hopeful Youth” which has garnered attention in our hometown of Toronto and surrounding regions of Ontario. We are ready and excited to take our music and live show to the next level, aiming to play bigger stages, and supporting bigger acts.

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"While consistently showing an indelible knack for crafting rousing and memorable pop tunes, ‘What You Don’t Know’ seems to be a step forward for Dawson Gamble, taking his irresistible sound to new heights. Highlighting his vocal range, ability, songwriting, and overall musicality in such a thoughtful and captivating way, the track sees Dawson Gamble approach the apex of his powers.The track is the perfect showcase of Dawson Gamble at this stage of his career, it amalgamates all of the styles and genres that he encapsulates to create something that feels distinctly and uniquely his, without sacrificing on accessibility or appeal."

- Clout

"Perfect for fans of Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, “I Don’t Care” is an emotional rock ballad perfect for romantic days in with your partner. A reminder to take things slow and appreciate the time you have together now instead of rushing into the future, the track showcases the easygoing side of falling in love and serves as a reminder to appreciate and let go of the little things. It is a perfect song to help you take a step back and stay living in the moment."

- Second Society Report

"‘Everything About Me’ is a soulful single led by Dawson’s smooth vocals. An enticing release, soundtracking emotive lyrics as Dawson exposes all, the single is a beautifully honest release that left us hooked."

- Love Music Love Life

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